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Official Gambling: Marketing Tools for Webmasters

Below is a list of marketing tools for all webmasters:

Program Overview

GambleSwap is the premiere banner exchange network for webmasters of gambling related websites. The great thing about GambleSwap is the easy way to target your site to the exact type of traffic you desire. Gambling Related Sites! How would you like to get more visitors to your site for free? With GambleSwap we can help promote your gambling site directly on other gambling related sites.

How it Works

Simply join and place the html code assigned to you on the page(s) of your gambling site. This places a banner ad on your web pages, which rotates every time a surfer comes to your site. Every 3 times your site shows a GambleSwap banner you earn 2 credits (3:2 ratio). For every one of your banners shown on other sites you are charged one credit. This creates a very simple and effective way of marketing your gambling website without any cost to you. Join now and get 500 credits free!

  1. Easy to set-up!

  2. Free-targeted advertising!

  3. 500 free credits for joining!

  4. 3:2 Credit Ratio!

  5. Real-time statistics and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

  6. Place banners on multiple pages. You may place your unique html GambleSwap banner code on as many pages as you like, as long as you do not place more than one banner per page!

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