Official Online Gambling's complete rules and strategy for Online Keno
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Official Gambling: Online Keno

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Description and Objective
Keno is one of the oldest games played in casinos and is easy to learn. Keno is a lottery style game.

There is a Keno Card with numbers from one (1) to eighty (80). . The player selects a wager amount from the top right of the Keno Card, and predicts what numbers will be drawn by selecting one or as many as fifteen of those numbers on the Keno Card. The wager amounts are $1, $5 and $10 and stay the same regardless of how many numbers are chosen

After clicking on the Play button, twenty of the numbers are then drawn and rolled out randomly. The numbers that are drawn are rolled out on the bottom of the Keno Card and are highlighted on the Keno Card automatically. The more numbers that are correctly predicted, the higher the payout.

The Payout Table is shown to the upper left of the Keno Card and displays the payouts based on the number of catches (correctly predicted numbers) from your selections on the card.

Game Play
Playing Keno is easy.
1. Select your wager amount which is located the top right of the Keno Card.

2. Use your mouse to select one to fifteen numbers on the Keno Card or click the Quick Pick 10 button to randomly select ten numbers.

3. If you would like to de-select a number (even after a Quick Pick selection), just click the number again and it will no longer be selected.

4. When you select or de-select the numbers, the pay table located on the upper left hand side will change accordingly.

5. When bets and number selections are confirmed, click the Play $$$ button

6. Twenty (20) numbers will roll out in random.

7. Once the 20 numbers have been rolled out, there is a Results Table to the lower left of the Keno Card that informs you of how many numbers you predicted correctly according to the amount of numbers chosen, Total Bet amount, and the Total Payout amount.

When you successfully predict a number, your Keno Card, it will show a star rotating on the number. The other rolled out numbers will also be highlighted on the Keno Card. When all twenty numbers have been rolled out, you will be paid according to the Payout Table, located to the upper left side of the Keno Card. If you would like to play the same numbers for the same wager, just click the Play $$$ button again. If you would like to play different number(s), click the clear button to clear the selected numbers or simply de-select the one(s) you would like to change.

Button Descriptions
Clear: The Clear button removes all currently selected numbers on the selected Keno Card only.

Quick Pick: The Quick Pick button automatically picks 10 numbers.

Play: Starts drawing and rolling out the numbers and they appear on the bottom of the screen and the numbers will also be highlighted on the Keno Card.